"Over the Hedge" is just another one of Disney's mechandising schemes to make a couple extra bucks.

User Rating: 1 | Over the Hedge GC
Yesterday, a friend and I was walking through the GBA section (I was looking for Fire Emblem 7) of a nice, electronics super-store in Wilsonville. Well, not only did I not find Fire Emblem, but The whole isle was polluted with these cheap little games like Disney's "Little Mermaid", "Disney Princess's", "The Wild", and all different assortments of cheap junk (mostly by Disney, lol). I seriously don't understand who would spend money on some piece-of-junk game that's only being sold to make a couple extra bucks for movie makers, or why. So, in protest, I'm going to go around writing reviews about these games and scoring them (giving all of them a 1.0 scoring). I'm starting with "Finding Nemo" and "Over the Hedge" for the GameCube (which my parents were ripped off $20 each on for my little sister's birthday). Now, don't get me wrong, I don't have a problem with most movies made the Walt Disney Company. I'm just severily frustrated with having to sort through all their junk when trying to buy a Video Game.

As you can see, "Over the Hedge" is just another Disney Game that pollutes the isles at your local video-game store. DON'T BUY IT!!!

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