Steal lots of food with RJ, Verne, Hammy and Stella!

User Rating: 7.8 | Over the Hedge PS2
got this game, when I didn’t see Over The Hedge Movie. I was enjoying it. Then when I completed a few missions, I thought this game is getting bored. I stopped playing this game when I got stuck in a level Connor Heist Escape. After sometime, I mean, after a month, I saw Over The Hedge Movie. It was awesome. So this made me play the game again. I started playing the game from where I got stuck. I was so interested in the game now that I completed the game. The game is different from the movie. Really different. The movie is different, the game is different. The story is changed immediately after a few levels. We can play as the 4 main characters in the game. RJ, the raccoon, Verne, the tortoise, Hammy, the rabbit squirrel, and Stella, the skunk. The combat is really simple in the game. Just bash them all. RJ has a golf stick. Verne has a hockey stick. Hammy has a wodden stick like thing. They all can do some special attacks too. The game consists of 35 levels. The common thing the level is collecting lots and lots of food. We have to steal food from many houses. Glady’s house. Martin’s house. From the Amusement Park for a cotton candy machine. From Smith’s house. From a cave. The animals steal food from a bear’s cave too. And from Conners House. The main part of the game is outside the house, inside the house, and escape from the house. There are lots of enemy animals in the game. Bears, many rats, many rabbits who are all brainwashed. Its fun to beat them all. We can also smash many machine things in this game. When not on a mission we can roam in The Woods. We can hear all the animal friends talking. We can have fun with the animals hat collection, which they collected from the missions. T

he game also consists many mini games. The mini games are of 3 types. R.C. Rally, Range Driver, And Bumper Cars. Above all, why did GS give it 5.6? It should have gotten 7.0 up! Buy it if you loved the movie. I loved the movie. The game is great to play too.