The voice acting and graphics are TERRIBLE and the game is much to easy, I finished it in 1 day.

User Rating: 2.5 | Over the Hedge PC
First thing, the graphics look like this game was made in 1934 and it is so boring and too easy, it was EXTREME easy. All you do is hit weird squirrels with electronic hats and kill them in one shot!!! TOO EASY!!! The voice acting it terrible, it sounds like a text to speech!!!
A six year old might play this all day, but they don't care about graphics and voice acting. This game is real good for kids, but not for older people. The cut scenes look like crap. This game was so boring. The graphics where so bad it didn't even lag one tiny bit on my PC!!! This game will work on the worst graphics card in the world GUARANTEED. It looks like a DOS game pretty much, the controls are terrible, the game is boring, the graphics suck, the voice acting sounds like text to speech, and one more thing...