May be a little kids game, but actually entertaining to me for some reason.

User Rating: 8 | Over the Hedge XBOX
Over the Hedge is pretty much a younger kids game. But it was keeping me busy with the cheat codes. I dont know why.

First of all, the graphics are good. They look pretty smooth. The environments and the levels look great. And the characters are all full of polygons. If u know what i mean...

Also, the levels are fun to play through. Finding chips and candy, dvds to unlock extras, finding hats, fighting enemies, there is so much to unlock! And the storyline makes a little bit of sense. But i agree with Gamespot. Over the Hedge isnt really a 'game'.

The cheats helped me beat the game. But my favorite thing is the multiplayer. When u get all 4 minigames, u can have 1-3 of ur friends play mini-games with u. Or u can have multiplayer in the story mode! Great multiplayer!

Overall the game is fine to me. Not as great as Lego Star Wars, but better than The Incredibles. Im givin Over the Hedge an 8 out of 10. I dont know why but i like the game.