Please dont buy this, dont even rent it

User Rating: 1.4 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PC
outrun 2006 : coast 2 coast, a terible game that i wished i had bought on sale. with the potensial of only a 5 minuter slight embaressment this game deliver the ultimate jaw braking laughter from all your friends directed at you as a person for having actually bought the game, yes exactly. the racing game that make you embarrest to your friends for a way too long time. its hard to stay confident after the purchase of Outrun 2006 IN the year 2006 instead of 1989. it would have been good on SNES in its days but on a pc in 2006 its just TERIBLE. to have put a preorder in for this game will haunt me for a long time. i guess thats why it took me a year to master the humiliation of admitance i actually got the game in my colection. its not broken this game its just so incredebly stupidly made. and the feel one have when playing this is just a ... no point in continue this is there.. dont buy this and if you have it, hide it,,, well.