This game wasn't as good as OutRun2 but it's still well-done

User Rating: 7.5 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast XBOX
If you played OutRun2 SP on the arcade, then this game is no different since there's the previous one and the arcade tracks. Still the same gameplay with some new things like tailgating for more speed and hearing cars whiz by when you pass them. There are new soundtracks and a few new models but some of those cars are the same only souped up or "had its brains popped out". Term is that some cars are convertibles. the Enzo Ferrari is a convertible when you select one of the classes. I didn't like that you had to buy these unlockables. You have to buy the cars, stages, car colors, (what the hell???) and BGMs with miles which is money. If you have cheats for it then you might as well just use it because the missions are tiring sometimes. Personally, OutRun2 was better in my opinion because you can unlock new features and the cars and you didn't have to buy colors for them since they had them anyways. At least you can still drift and that's why these games were good. You still have those mini games like Heart Attack mode and OutRun challenge and you can also play OutRun2 SP and I thought that was pretty cool to play an arcade game on a console. I liked this game but it wasn't as good as OutRun2 was. Merely the purchasing of features. In OutRun2, you were able to unlock features in the OutRun missions and in OutRun 2006 Coast 2 Coast you play the Coast 2 Coast mode, OutRun arcade and/or the challenges to earn miles to buy features. You decide which is better.