An awesome update to a classic.

User Rating: 9.2 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PC
I played the original Outrun 2 on the XBOX (which I thought was great) so I was curious how the PC version would compare. I'm happy to say it improves on the XBOX version dramatically (at least in the graphics department). Outrun is one of those games that just begs for high-resolution and 60 fps, and the PC version delivers nicely on these fronts. I get a constant 60 fps in FRAPS, and the varied exotic locales look amazing at 1280x1024. Although my machine is way over the recommended specs, my girlfriend's sempron 3000 / 6600gt runs it just as well. The increased framerate over the XBOX doesn't only make things look better, but makes for more responsive control.
The new tracks are all quite nice looking, and continue the am2 tradition of beautiful visuals. Some of the new touches like slipstream and the new modes don't make a huge impact, but give returning fans something different to try. In general this 'sequel' has been tweaked and polished in many small ways (new 'doppler' sounds when passing cars, better collision effects, improvements to old/new track visuals) The game still comes down to the tried and true drifting and racing the clock...personally the fun of drifting through European streets and oceanside villages never gets old for me. The ability to play multiplayer over a LAN only sweetens the deal. In the multiplayer however, there is a weird issue where all the machines playing the game must be set to a 60hz refresh. I use an LCD so it doesn't matter to me, but CRT users may complain about this.
In short, those who liked the original will find even more to love about this sequel. The bargain price is more than worth the improvements to an already great game. It may not be the deepest racer out there, but the simple visceral thrill of speed and exhilaration of driving that perfect road are conveyed by this game better than any other arcade racer.