Pure nostalgia.

User Rating: 7 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PC
If you went into just about any bowling alley or pizza parlor in the mid 80's you were sure to run into an Outrun machine. They were hard to ignore due to then innovative cabinet design with the steering wheel violently knocking back and fourth when ever a player would stray off of the course. While Outrun 2006 faithfully recreates all of the scenery and course design of that original arcade game force feedback support is the one thing that is sadly missing. It would have helped to round out that flash back to yesteryear experience.

Outrun 2006 is a pure arcade racer that make no attempt at realism. With its over the top drifting physics and no damage modeling you simply mash the accelerator and guide your car into the curves with no fear of scratching up your shiny Ferrari. Hitting the walls or other cars will, of course, slow your progress and make that triple A rating all but impossible to obtain. This is a game that is very easy to pick up but difficult to master and if your looking to bump up the difficulty a bit you can switch to manual transmission. It's the endless drifting that makes Outrun a fun game. With a little tap of the break and a flick of the wheel your sliding through any corner with ease.

You have several modes in this version ranging from standard beat the clock missions to off the wall stuff like dodging meteors or "kicking" a beach ball along the course with your car. These missions can be quite challenging and down right frustrating at times. The previous versions of the game are also included in their original form. The graphics look as if they have not changed much from that 1986 arcade game nor has the music. Personally I think this is a good thing and helps to give the game that old school feel. If your looking for racing sim this is not the game for you but if your looking for a fun racing game that will bring back fond memory's of the Dig Dug era this game fit's the bill.

Outrun 2006 is a nice diversion but unlikely to keep your interest for long sessions. Still, in short doses of an hour or so it can become quite addictive so it has some replay value.

I should note that the game really requires a controller such as a Logitech Dual Action. Mouse support for steering is not included and the keyboard just doesn't cut it.