Classic fun makes a welcome return

User Rating: 8.9 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PS2
Ford those of you old enough to remember the original OutRun on the Commodore 64, arcades or any other old console way back, you'll be surprised by how good this new game is. Whilst it has of course graphically been updated alot for modern time's, it's incredible how true to the original this game remains. And that's no bad thing - it's still classic fun to play. All the cars, music, you might remember, has been included. And of course, a whole load of new cars and music thats all welcome too.

The game has the option to play in arcade mode, which is exactly as it appeared in the arcades just a few years ago. I'd never played the OutRun coast 2 coast in the arcade, I only remember the original and some old console ports of the game, but when I first played this game I went down to the local arcade and it was identical.

The Coast 2 Coast mode allows you to race against other opponents, and try to keep the 'Flagman' happy, but by far the most fun or funny thing you can do is race to impress your girlfriend who tells you to do different things as you race in time too, and when she's impressed enough, you have another girl to impress!

The game is real easy to play, the cars drift around corners in such away it's easy to control and is always fun. The graphics look great and combined with your favorite music track, the game is truly great fun to play.

Overall, a fun, classic arcade racer that if you're a fan of any of the previous OutRun games, you should get this game without delay. Even if you've never heard of OutRun, but you like racing games in general, you should check it out. It's hard to describe if you've never played before, but don't expect the realism of Gran Turismo or the complete madness of Burnout, this game is somewhere in-between, and I'd highly recommend it whatever you like.