could possibly be the best racing game on psp yet! buy it so i have more people to d stroy online! check point!

User Rating: 8.7 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PSP
outrun 2006 comes straight out of one of my new jersey lottery winning dreams. whipping down some street located somewhere in the vast world. top down. some blonde chick next to me giving orders i dont really care about.(my fast doesnt get along with my girlfriend!!) the only thing is id still be cheap and buy an nsx instead of a ferrari but thats just my taste i guess. sega definitly knows how to make racing games. the only other game that gives out a run for its money (wow i sound like stan lee) is the other sega classic initial D. unfortunatly its not out in the u.s but my bro has the import. with initial d the way the tight roads go from left to right it makes it hard to keep up on the psps controls.its mutch better on the arcade with a real wheel (it actualy made me a better driver). also initial d doesnt have an online option. but it does have a better story line (im guessing, (i dont know how to read japanese) it also has a wider selection of cars with an upgrade option.
well enough with the comparo, all the other psp games cant really touch those two even though ridge racer is close with a better soundtrack.
but the first thing youll notice about outrun is its nastolgic california dream presentation. the graphics are great, no slow down noticed. you cant really see the road being created in front of you like some other racing games wich is a great addition. the weather looks real , and theres reflections on your ferraris shiney metalic paint. driving thru the grass gives a nice effect wich brings you back to the 80's original.
the sound is great. the only thing is most of the music is down right stupid . the cheesy kareoki singing doesnt really entice me to mash the x button to the metal. i actualy enjoyed initial ds music better. (i dont believe in luv anymooooooorree!) so i leave the sound off and just listen to my engine reving and tires screetching.
face it controls on a handheld wont ever be perfect, but outruns arent that bad when you get used to them. every car drives differently and has its strengths. the drifts are rediculously fake, but hey driving a ferrari through manhattan at 180 mph isnt something most of us will really do in real life anyways, ( i have seen it done though). the manual mode makes u feel like michael schumacher testing out new ferraris as you click the right shoulder button as if its a wheel mounted paddle shifter.
the game has good content with an arcade mode instant race mode, coast to coast wich is most like a story mode, and the list goes on. you earn miles wich is basicly money where u can buy items in the showroom.
the online is probly the reason why i got the game since i sold my ds and i cant play mario kart. but so far theres not that many people online so finding a race is very hard, (check out my forum post) there is a friends option and such but i guess hopefully when people realize how great this game is there will be more players. downloading other players ghost cars is a great alternative and you can actualy plug it in to your ps2 if u have the console version.
yeah theres some gripes . the controls arent 100% other games have a bigger car selection... but who cares! they dont have ferraris! the individual stages are rather short with not a great selection of turns. a replay mode would be great for car watchers such as myself. oh well its still one of my top racing game pics on psp right now. so i say get the game. if u already did? ill see you online, oops no i wont. theres no rearview camera. ; ] eat my drift dust losers!