Do not buy this game!

User Rating: 5 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PSP
Last year, I was originally intending to get Burnout Legensd on PSP, but when I heard about this, I decided to buy it instead, now I wish I hadn't. The game has loads of Ferraris in it, but the problem is that there isn't enough difference between them all, they look different but feel the same to drive. once you get your first OutRun car, the stats are slightly improved, but not enough to be worth bothering with them. The physics and hanling are what you would expect from an arcade racer, with drifting included but too easy, so it requires little skill to slide around corners with ease.
Now, on to the tracks: the game has 30 tracks, across the USA and the world including San Francisco, New York, Cape Kennedy, Easter Island and Niagra Falls. It sounds like enough variety to make you keep playing for a while, but believe me, it isn't. There just isnt anything in the tracks that makes you want to go back to them, once you've been through it once, you have pretty much seen it all.
The graphics in the game are decent, not too flashy but they get the job done and the music is not good at all. the sound effects are OK, with nice engine roar and tyre squeal. The game modes are OutRun, Heart attack and time trial, so nothing that is totally new. So, in hindsight, I wish that I had bought Burnout instead, I played on it at a friend's house and it was much, much better.
So if you have a thirst for a racing game, stay away from this rubbish.