Resurrection of the original Outrun in fine form. Fast ferraris, killer graphics, hilarity ensue.

User Rating: 8.8 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PS2
For you kiddies out there that may be going "WTF is this?!?" this game was a resurrection of the classic OutRun that was previously only on Arcades and the Sega Genesis (in disheveled, bastardized form). What is strange however is the motivation for Sega to use the AM2 platform for this game, given their initial committing to Star Wars Arcade being the last game on the AM2 platform, which happened approximately five years ago.

Strange, but... positive. It's probably the best way to describe the game. The main game's objective is simply to make it to the end (in one of five possible locales) before the timer runs out.

Those looking for simulations like Gran Turismo 4 will not find it here. This game is about pulling off crazy long drifts and bumping cars out of the way to make it to the goal.

Graphics are clearly the games' strong point. the AM2 hardware that went to making the game originally seems to show up in fine form on the PS2 - and support 480p to boot! :) there might be better usage of the ps2 hardware elsewhere, but the game doesn't disappoint graphically. The Camera angle, while more dynamic than the original Outrun, actually does a fairly good job of keeping you aware of what's coming up ahead.

Sound does a respectable job in the game, conveying the skids and motor sounds of each of the various cars you can drive.

Music is a weak spot. While some of it is catchy, it's nothing most people would want to hear on the road in their own actual car, or on their iPods for that matter. Sadly, since Sony decided not to support the PS2 HDD unit (or make it standard), this game lacks the custom soundtracks option the Xbox version would have. Thankfully, you can simply turn it down, or off.

Controls are the prime component of the gameplay mechanic, and they respond dutifully here. Still though, you don't get the sense of control differences in this game like you would in something like Gran Turismo... for the most part, all the cars handle the same. It's basically a manner of how much speed they'd lose in a turn/drift, more than an actual steering response. And even the steering response is adjustable in the options.

It's mindless fun, and brings plenty of nostalgia for those old enough to remember the original OutRun. The new touches are for the most part improvements, and there's enough of the original game to not alienate those who would buy this for nostalgia's sake. Sim enthusiasts.... I'm sorry, this game is not for you.