An old skool classic

User Rating: 8.4 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PS2
Outrun has always been one of the staples holding the video game industry together, much like Sonic and Mario have done in the past and Metal Gear Solid and Halo do today. This brand new Outrun title is a fabulous arcade racer.

The graphics in Outurn 2006 are very, very pretty. Going over the crest of a hill and seeing the country landscape out in the valley infront of you never fails to impress. The Ferrari car models are also excellent.

The gameplay in its most basic form (ie. racing other cars) is very similar to recent PSP game Ridge Racer but the drift mechanic has been dramatically improved in comparision. Drifts feel much easier to control in Outrun and the circuits allow for brilliant flowing drifts around long sequences of corners. The other main gameplay type, Heart Attack is very odd but instantly compelling. You have to perform tasks to impess your girlfriend ranging from simply passing other cars to dribbling a beach ball down the road with your car!

Overall this is a generous slice of pure old skool, arcade bliss which should have a place on every gamer's shelf.