A really fun racing game to play online on the go; that is if you can get past some of the music.

User Rating: 8.2 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PSP
After picking up this game today, and playing it for a little while, I feel as if it was a real thrill of a competitive racing game, and makes it quite interesting with the fact that there are ever-branching paths to take to reach your ultimate destination.

The fact that there is online play and the game is a $30 deal really make it stand out. Considering that is so much to go through in the game with the various different modes, from showing off your skills to a racer girlfriend to unlocking real-licensed Ferrari models to racking up tons of miles (well not really miles; they definitely over do it in that case). There are many different types of terrain to go through, ranging from dense forests to dense cityscapes. All in all, graphics are definitely state-of-the-art for anything hand-held to date.

There were two problems with the game: physics system and in-game sounds. The music is a bunch of crappy soft tunes that sound more like Dione Warwick than true racing-style beats. Additionally, some car sounds are not up to par. The physics system could be better, with the collisions in the game and the remarkable amount of drifting you can do not real life-like.

But overall this is definitely a highlight on the PSP and is a great venue of entertainment to have on the go. You'd definitely want to rent, and if inclined at all at the racing genre, buy.