Visually impressive with an evident touch of repetition makes this game an excellent rental.

User Rating: 7.6 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PSP
A Ferrari F50 spins quickly onto the track, awaited by an overweight flag man and exhilarated by the beautifully woman to your side, you have just experienced the first three seconds of OutRun2006. The engines roar as this Rehash of OutRun 2 enables us of low income (well maybe just me?) to feel the thrills of driving in a mint condition Ferrari. With the ability to travel on opposite sides of the world all in one track, OutRun2006 is created in such a way that only Sega(R) combined with its official Ferrari License can deliver. The first time I flicked my PSP on with the UMD snuggled in its shiny hard casing, my heart immediate thumped at what I thought was going to be the greatest arcade racer on the portable. I was wrong. The game is good enough to have caught my attention for the first few minutes, yet I could not help but to reminisce and sometimes forget that this is a new OutRun and not its previous makes. The game is a rehash (period). Thats not necessarily a downfall though, the previous OutRun's were all great, both entertaining and a personal collectors Item. If you are not Familiar with the OutRun series, think Ridge Racer but with an insane track layout and Ferrari's (did I mention Ferrari's?) The game goes something like this. You are Alberto. Alberto likes Ferrari's and is so sure of his driving skills that he takes his girlfriends on joyrides and crashes anything she tells him too (isn't that sweet!) Alberto is always sad, it seems he gets graded for everything he does (even for not crashing enough of the cars after his girlfriend clearly told him too!) Alberto is on a mission to impress the ladies, and he also likes to impress his flag man (for a reason which was probably removed from the game by the ESRB.) Alberto is a master drifter, drifting around even the more obtuse of corners. Alberto lives somewhere around everywhere, the tracks take you from the grand canyon, to the forest, to a lake, to a beach, into space, and pretty much anywhere imaginable. Although the game isn't as in depth with character then lets say... Dig Dug? it does let you know the main characters name after loosing any match! After buying the game, I did not regret it. It was a bit of a let down, but the insane tracks, and the graphics (on the track backgrounds) were definitely worth it's 29.99 price tag. If this were a 40 dollar game Id Say (this part was removed for its obscenity) but for 30 my quote for this game is “Its All Good!”