Proof that the 80's weren't all that bad...

User Rating: 7.5 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PSP
Ah, OutRun. Back in the late 80's/ early 90's, I remember feeding most of my pocket money into the arcade version of this game down at the local cornershop... Good times. Although I'm not the hugest fan of the racing genre, when I heard that OutRun Cast to Coast was being released on the PSP I thought it would be a great chance to re-live my formative years. And I wasn't disappointed. The colours are bright and cheerful, the music is pure Japanese pop, the stages are interesting and there's still the ubiquitious blonde in the passenger seat! (Isn't there always?)
While the levels and challenges are quite varied, I found myself getting stuck at a certain point in the game. (Too many hairpin bends!) I hate to say that it was frustrating enough to pack it in altogether. If you're looking for a realistic racing simulator, you could do better than buy this game. But if you're just looking for hours of fun, then this is great.