Neat game. The graphics are nice, but it failed my ultimate criteria for a good racing game: usb wheel support

User Rating: 5 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PS2
This is a classic arcade game. The graphics are nice. Great depth of tracks and the car roster has the most Ferrari's that I have seen in a single game (huge plus as well as being officially licensed by Ferrari). The physics make the game appropriately cheesy, thus keeping it in the realm of the arcade racer. The one drawback and its huge in my eye, as I keep a watch for these sorts of things: no support for the Logitech USB wheels. For a racer, even minus the realistic physics, not to support that paticluar branch of peripherals is enough to drop the rating two to three full points; especially since SEGA supported them for their Ferrari F355 Challenge game three years earlier.

Final vote: I'm a huge Ferrari fan, but that lack of wheel support for a racing game of this caliber at this time just kills it for me. Would have loved this game if Sega had taken the time to support Logitech...