Poor game, appalling graphics, confounded game, dismal...

User Rating: 3 | OutRun 2006: Coast 2 Coast PC
Really, i don't believe my eyes when i start to play this...game.This is a laughter-game, throwing-away-game, really. Don't try to play Outrun because will be very soon disappointed (about 2,3min to start to play). I mean...this game was made in 2006...but looks made in 1996 :) and is inconceivable a very bad game. The grapchis does't exist in this game...cars,birds,clouds,trees are cardboard or like a cartoon...i mean, don't want to look like NFS (Outrun?goood joke,ha) but are so static and antiquated such as make me think to Heretic or Middtown Madness or another (bad) game made in years '90. Really, according to expectation this game is something you never want to play and poor cars Ferrari...looks like never want to know how looks!

Forget this game, OUTRUN from him!!!