to funny to be true

User Rating: 7 | Outlaw Tennis XBOX
this game is really funny the guys thould stupid thing's like my guy got shot by a dart and the other guy made a dummy of himself and the he started kicking and kissing is dummy well let's start with gameplay the gameplay is not good you can't hit anywhere you can just it the ball miss it or get hit by it what was real good was the sound and the graphics what i hate is missions tag team that is relly boring i thougt it would be less boring cause after a few hours it was kind of boring but then we started playing 4 players mode and it was fun really fun if u want this game you have to really like hitting people with tennis rackets and being the best at tennis i was on 1 against 2 i was alone and i won that is too easy it's less chalenge to be alone well that's it im done.