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I'm not talking about the horror elements here, I mean the actual gameplay is really hardcore. I've played lots of stealth games (entire Thief series, Splinter Cell, Hitman, and a bunch of iOS stealth games) and I'm having lots of trouble even on normal difficulty of this game. The enemy (no plural cause they all behave exactly the same) is just way too smart, it seems like their patrol route is completely random and it's impossible to guess where they'll go next. They can pretty much spot you from 50ft away and they also randomly stop dead in their tracks then turn around, making it dangerous to walk down a hallway even after they go into a room. I had TONS of trouble with the part with the evil scientist and trying to get the elevator card since the scientist was walking all over the place. Had some trouble turning on the two valves to extinguish the flames too. Though the most annoying thing was trying to climb stuff while being chased. I'd spam spacebar but the damn idiot just refuses to climb and instead jumps in place. Died so many times due to the ridiculous mechanic of having to be at this exact spot in order for climb to activate. Either that or the enemy blocks the entire damn corridor and it's impossible to run after being hit.

I think the problem with this game is that it's too repetitive and the puzzles are way too forced. It was horrifying for the first while but got old fast. There's pretty much just one enemy chasing you down in the entire game, every other enemy is a re-skin of that fat dude. Chases usually end up with a game over due to the insane amount of dead end corridors (since there's pretty much only 1 path through every area), paths randomly being blocked/unblocked (running away from enemy then finding the way you came mysteriously blocked, wtf? Oh then some other door that was locked is now magically unlocked, like how in the world are you supposed to know that with the guy chasing you down?) and the ridiculous goals. Trying to turn off Z? You first gotta activate A, then you think you got it finished, nope now it asks you to activate B. -__- I think Amnesia's gameplay was better because there were different enemies, different environments and the game area was much more open and non-linear. Though overall it's a good pure survival game. Especially liked the voice acting for the crazy scientist.

Edit: Oh and awesome, upon finishing the game it became stuck on the loading screen, and unable to even tab-out to windows. For some reason it even blocked task manager from opening properly so I had to restart the computer. Good job QA, if they even had any QA for this game. O_o