A cheeky little game full of fun and excitement in short bursts.

User Rating: 7 | Out to Lunch SNES
You're funky food stuffs have escaped your fridge during the night and are running amok all around the world. It is your objective to capture them all so you can cook them up.

You have to recapture all of the food by going around the platform stages, jumping on the food to stun it and capture it with your net. But be careful because if the food hit your all of the food you have captured escapes!

The game play is nice and simple, a classic platformer. You can run, jump and swing a net. The floors can be a little glitchy in some places and movement in midair sometimes doesn't work. The AI of the food is fairly decent for its time, it runs away from you only when you are in their line of sight.
The controls are easy with maybe the exception of the run button, having to hold it down and jump can get irritating after a while.

This game is a great little time waster if you have 5-10 minutes to spare, its just plain hilarious running around trying to net your food.