Out of the Park Baseball 6 Cheats For PC

  1. Increase/Decrease the Value of Players During Trades

    When on the Trade Players screen, go to a player's page and notice the green "position" button located next to their position. Pressing this will "change" their position, which allows you to increase or decrease their trade value easily. For example, if a center fielder possesses superb defense in center field but average defense in right field, changing their position from center to right will result in the recalculation of their value, and they will be assigned a lower star rank as a right fielder instead of a center fielder, allowing you to trade for them more easily. It's also easy to do this by changing relievers and closers to starters, designated hitters to a position, and so on. Conversely, you can also use this in increasing the trade value of your players. Any player assigned the positions of a closer or designated hitter will automatically reviece a substantial boost in rank. In other words, just change their position until they have the lowest/highest amount of stars to your liking.

    Contributed by: Gamer of the World