A Great Combination of Shooting, Fighting, and Strategy

User Rating: 8.5 | Orcs Must Die! 2 PC
This game is a ton of fun. It's a very simple, yet addictive game; Orcs enter the field/map and you have to kill the Orcs before they manage to reach the exit portal. To accomplish this simple goal you are given many different tools; traps, weapons, allies etc. to use on the field. These tools can be upgraded in a number of ways to improve firing speed, damage, or durability but for the most part it seems the more expensive something is the better it is at killing Orcs (makes sense).
Graphics are very well done, everything looks like a cartoon further upping the entertainment value. The Orcs are always die in overly dramatic ways and the sound is remarkably crisp and funny. The story also makes sense and does NOT require you to have played the first game to understand making it great for people new to the series.
That said there are a few downsides to the game. Traps are consistently weaker than hired allies. The player's presence is almost always the turning point in a battle with the Orcs meaning it boils down to a beat'em up game most of the time. Strategy still plays a key role however in slowing down the enemy enough for you or your allies to deal with the Orcs.
The alternate game modes are also very challenging and help earn the player more skulls (upgrade points) when needed. Only downside is that not all maps have an endless mode which would have been a real plus.
All in all this is an excellent blend of strategy and third person fighting/shooting. The story, while not really necessary, is entertaining while not being overbearing and the graphics/sound add even more entertainment to constant Orc killing.