Not having played the first game, i was very pleasantly surprised by the awesome fun i had from this

User Rating: 9 | Orcs Must Die! 2 PC
Seems like the smaller games these days are the way to go, I've been playing this every night with a friend, and replayability is amazing, with all the different traps and combinations you can use, this keep you busy for hours! There is a story mode which can be beaten pretty quick, then there's endless mode where the fun is! If you're into tower defense type games, then i recommend this game! even if you aren't the sheer fun to be had from this game is well worth the asking price! There are even leaderboards to see how well you are doing! The game can be played single player, but its meant for two players, as the levels get progressively difficult, all in all one of the better games that have come out this year.

I am loving this game and i am sure anybody that plays it will as well!
This is what gaming is meant to be, fun, exciting, challenging, and sense of achievement!