You pull out a weed, find a girthy carrot and before you know it, dinner plans have changed.

User Rating: 5.5 | Orcs Must Die! 2 PC
So I get in bad moods sometimes when things don't go my way. Sometimes in the morning I'll be all happy and skippy like a boy with a yo-yo but then all of a sudden something will tick me off (like some chick hanging around my apartment for too long the next morning) for no reason and change me into a bitter grandpa the rest of the afternoon, only to be saved later on by an evening's shot of alcohol. When these waves of gloom arrive they take over my soul and and jam a tube sock in my mouth. My friends ask, "What's the matter?" "You OK, Mark?" I'll respond politely. "Get away from me you nut crunchers, I'm trying to play Orcs Must Die 2."

It's cool that computers just don't open your programs when you don't ask them to. Like being woken in the middle of the night (hypothetically speaking since most gamers sleep during the day) to the sounds of Flight Simulator 2002 (I live next to an airport) or random humping noises (I have terrible spam). It's also cool that the orcs in Orcs Must Die 2 don't start rushing at you until your locked, loaded and ready to shoot green sperm everywhere. I guess having time to strategize is a neccessary standard for any tower defense type game. Then you can slaughter a wave of hords then unlock some better weapons then mow down another wave of hords then unlock some more gear then eliminate another wave of tools then unlock some better hores.

Pretty relaxing actually, like popping bubble rap. The better you construct your defense the less your character needs to do after the hord is released. I figure if you're clever enough you could theoretically just sit back and enjoy hundreds of orcs perish trying to get passed your blatantly obvious arrangement of death traps.

Only if bringing girls back to your apartment were this easy...