Awesome game - like Rainbow 6 for the GBA but better.

User Rating: 9 | Operation: Vietnam DS
The game is a light hearted look at the Vietnam War. You are a squad stuck in enemy territory and you have to fight you way back to base. Kill VC, Rescue Villagers, etc...

Game play is awesome. Its not historically accurate - its a game. Its fun and straight forward. Simple controls.

Sound effects are awesome. The sound of the M203 grenade launcher and the death screams of VC getting hit are rewarding. Not much music. Good Jungle background sounds.

Controls. The only negative. Its hard to move dialonally. The DS doesn't have an analog stick so you have to press 2 buttons to move diagonally. Controlled shooting is hard in a massive firefight.

I love this game for all that it is. Its not Killzone, but its WAY fun. For $20.00 its a great buy.