i wanted to like it

User Rating: 5.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River X360
but this blows. this game is like daily flossing, dotting i's and crossing t's. it's difficult, but not "fun" difficult, IMO. booooooring. wanna fight 3 pixel high enemies? check. redo vast walking tours once killed by a hidden sniper? check. it may be the most realistic sim in the world, but it doesn't qualify as an entertaining pastime to me. not going to cause a sudden army recruiting surge, that's for sure. 15 bucks, seemed like it was a no-brainer. wrong. watching paint dry is cheaper and quite possibly, more fun. there are moments of promise, but this game never becomes more than a tutorial. it seems to have the depth and content of an expansion pack or DLC. it shows very little ambition and seems more like an exercise than a fully developed game. it's not ugly by any means, but it's certainly not full baked. for a real-sim, it's sloppy and loose. the world is very limited and bland. yes, perhaps that's realistic, but video games are allowed to embellish for fun. battlefield 1943 is a good example. is iwo jima accurate in the least? no. is it fun and replayable? sure. i won't chuck it yet, but first impression is *FAIL*.