Weak Story, Bad Graphics,

User Rating: 4.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC
When I first bought the game I was hoping for a game along the lines of Arma 2 without bugs. Red River has short single player with horrible graphics! I did not encounter any serious bugs by contrast to Arma 2. Though the story seemed promising the bad game graphics hence the no interaction with the enviroment let me down. For example if you throw a granade to a car nothing will happen. You shoot someone in the head and he falls but the body is intact. Arma 2 despite the bugs it may have is The Game as far as it conerns tactical shooters. I guess that the Game of the year under FPS category will be Battlefield 3.
At this point I will not to denote that Red River may look great in ps3 or xbox but I in pc it sucks. I guess it is another portal. That means that the developers tried to keep the code of the game as simple as possible. Consequently we PC gamers got a game with bad graphics and with control system that screams for gamepad!