My opinion is that the game could be better but still OK.

User Rating: 8 | Operation Flashpoint: Red River PC
I will get to the point right away.To make a second warfare simulation game is not a bad idea for the one's who loved the first sequel.Game graphics is great,just like I expected it to be.Gameplay is similar to the last Operation Flashpoint but better.You have less distance to the actual "warfare" for walking and the light and the sound is better then the last sequel.
My game score is low because the game is still simulation and I am no fan of simulation.I love when the game is interesting and kind of fiction,but still this game is simulation so I don't blame them.It is still the best choise if your want to play a warfare simulation but most people doesn't play the game.Too bad.When you are feeling like playing a first person shooter but not very fast shooter (like Unreal Tournament) just play this game.
Better luck next time Codemasters.