Far from perfect, but damn far from bad!

User Rating: 7 | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising PC

Let me start the review with the statement that this game IN NO WAY is a run and gun game. If you are comming from action/arcade FPS such as Call Of Duty, Css, this game will take a lot of adjusting. If you fit the description i recommend normal mode, but anyone with a crave for some adrenaline rush looking for something to test the player will play the game on hardcore mode. As for me thats where i started and where i will play no matter how hard it gets, as I love a good challenge.

Now I, as many other original Flashpoint veterans had great hopes up for this game, and for the most part those hopes have been satisfied with aspects in the game that bring back the good ol days in Cold War Crisis, but some features, or i should say lack of, was a disappointed.
First thing you will notice, ( if u have been watching previews) is the graphics are all not they ought to be. Now that stated their far from bad. Think CoD4 with less detail. At some times it becomes hard to tell a difference between a shrub and a rock no more then 300 meters away due to some texture issues. But non the less it doesn't ruin the gameplay. Second most important thing is the AI in the game both for the squadmates and the enemy. This is 50/50 as when the AI shines it really amazes the player in ways that few games today does. But when it fails you simply want to facepalm. For example i had the enemy suppress and flank all while my squadmates were taking cover, when all of the sudden one of the ( the medic may it be) stands up and takes a bullet in the skull.
With that said the game offers Co-op that u can take advantage of with 3 friends which will eliminate all frustration, and introduce simply amazing gameplay that is hard to match for a sim fps.
This brings me to the multiplayer. Sadly this is where the worst is found. No support for dedicated servers and no ability to join games in progress means the multiplayer is considered dead of the start. All we can hope for is the addition of such features in a content patch, which would boost this game up to the top. Also more modes for MP would also be welcoming since it only has two. TDM and king of the hill type of one team attacks the other defends mode.

To sum this up:

The good:
- Impressive scale
- Detailed gun models
- Realistic Bullet trajectory
- Smooth/Consistent performance on most PC's
- Amazing Co-op gameplay
- Great sound effects all around
- Mission Editor (PC only)
- Lengthy missions, with complete player control on the approach.

The bad:
- Dissapearing Bodies and equipment
- Low detail when viewing in the distance
- No joystick support for flight
- Mediocre tutorial ( con for new players to the genre)
- Inability to look around while driving or flying ( possibly the most missed feature from the original OFP)
- Ported Order command wheel clearly intended for consoles

My final thoughts for this game are to simply try it for yourself before you decide on it. Its a Love it or hate it kinda game. For those who find the game fitting, well see you on the field!