Not worth it. Has a good idea, but overall, I didn't like it.

User Rating: 5 | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising PC
I hate the save point concept in this game. Plus it is a little annoying how the medic can make you perfect again after being shot. My team also never seemed to shoot targets unless I was within 100 meters, when I was picking them off at 300-400 meters. I am retired US Army Infantry, deployed to Iraq for 12 months, and it really annoyed me when you were granted mortar or artillery strikes, you only had like one fire mission then they were gone. In Iraq, I could call mortar strikes all day if it was needed. I had to finish the game because I don't like games 3/4 of the way done then quitting, and I just finished today, but I have already uninstalled and will probably not be looking into the next genre of this game. I have to admit though, this is a huge improvement over the first one, but I liked the game style of the first one a lot better over this one at least.