A simulation tactical shooter that is broken by so many things that makes it so frustrating.

User Rating: 6 | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising PC
In this game, you will play the commander of a four men squad. You can order them to follow you, go to a specific point, assault a building, etc... The problem in few of the mission is that you will be timed, so you can't just walk slowly to your objective, taking care of not being spotted by enemies. You will have to know where to pass before the mission is started. That makes the game really though. The weapons are really not accurate. Because of this, you will very often run out of amno, so you will have to scavenge some weapons.

Sometimes, you will have to run several hundred of meters before hitting a checkpoint, and then, if you fail, you will have to run again this distance before having a chance to retry your objective. That makes the game so annoying. If you have the ambition of trying the hardest difficulty level, prepare yourself mentally at redoing several 30 minutes play without having any save. Be sure to understand your objective before going anywhere.

Your squadmates are so stupid, you will have to kill almost every enemies yourself, heal them when they are down, etc...

There are absolutely no video throughout the game. You will see the objective at the beginning of the missions, but nothing more.

You will probably have more fun playing Ghost Recon or Rainbow Six than this.