You wanted War? You got it... You´re dead.

User Rating: 8 | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising X360
You wanted War. Didn´t you?
If you wanted war this is in fact one of the best fps to play it. DR is astonishing difficult but it grows on you once you get used to the controls and learn how to play it well. graphically it´s gorgeous, you got a whole island to explore and a lot of roads to take you to your objective, your choice. but if what you really want is getting to a middle of the room trowing grenades and killing everyone who moves, all of this in slow motion, i´m sorry this game is not for you. it´s a grown up game, it´s a tactical game where you and your team must find the best way to get over a situation, one shot can kill you and many times you dont even see them coming, if you get up in the middle of a fight, you are gonna get shot, if you want to kill someone laid on the terrain you will not be able to see you target because the grass covers your sight... this game is, as like its predecessors, a real tactical war fighting game. If you are a COD lover, don´t buy it, War is difficult, shooting soldiers are really dificult and you cant go around jumping and spriting in front of a machine gun and get away.