Playing this game was 5 minutes I'll never get back!

User Rating: 1 | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising PS3
After gaining a passion for War themed FPS from playing Battlefield 3 - I spotted this title in the bargain bin at the local Gamestation. I was quite excited at the prospect of a ultra realistic war simulation.

Well if war is as boring as this, I'm happy I didn't choose to join the military!

From the get go you are placed in the center of a field with your squad who seem to follow you in some sort of robotic fashion. I don't know whether it was the bottle of ale I drank before deciding to play this - but I've never felt so retarded when trying to understand what the hell I was doing!
Visuals were nothing special - as far as I remember there was no sound or atmosphere to the environment. Ordering your squad about felt clunky and unresponsive and nothing in comparison to the Brothers in Arms series which is a far superior!

Now for war to be fought at a great distance as this game presents, I at least expected to be carrying a gun equipped with a rifle scope or at least a pair of binoculars!
After wondering aimlessly for a few minutes all of a sudden my squad mates were freaking out! "What? What is it men? A Badger?!"
If it were a badger I might have been more forgiving - but it turns out I had been spotted from a tower in the distance I didn't see. Rather than intensity and instance duck and cover action, I fumbled about in the shrubbery hoping to at least be making an effort to not get hit - and sure enough there was an enemy soldier nearby!
BANG! DEAD! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

In summary - Don't buy this! In my opinion there is only so much realism you can try to create in a computer game before it becomes even less interesting than the reality of it.