We must've been idiots to believe codemasters propaganda

User Rating: 1 | Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising PC
From all the previews this game looked like it would go head to head with crysis for the best graphics award, crap on arma 1 & 2 from a great hight and have us so immersed in a realistic simulation that we might never cease playing the game. Mugs, yeah that's us, mugs for believing that crap for a split second.

Let me get started on the AI. Bunch of **** who can't think for themselves, i'm pretty sure arming 4 children with guns would be more usefull than these eejits. They don't shoot at the enemy unless you tell them to, they stand around getting shot, walk in front of you when you're shooting someone (did the programers have a thing for suicide?) and are general mugs.

The vehicles feel horrible to drive, so i ain't got a clue why the developers are banging on about how realistic it is. I've driven a jeep and it's nothing like in this game. Mario Kart feels more realistic driving wise than this.

The flashy into of the game picks you right up...then drops you down a big f'ing hole that you can't climb out of (not that you'd want to as it'd be more fun to die alone in a dark hole than play this rubbish).

What's all this about realistic combat? I played the game like rambo, i occasionally hide behind trees, but most of the time i looked at the crosshairs and fired. then ducked in the crappy looking grass, which actually looks like some geezer's sneezed over the screen.

All in all this game is a total rip off, codemasters have lied to us and we fell for it.