One shot,one kill,literally...

User Rating: 9.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis PC
Ladies and gentlemen,the game that started it all...i think.
If any game ever came close to realistically describing war,that game is Operation Flashpoint.
Of course,no game will ever manage to capture the brutality,violence and death caused in war,because all those angry parents would probably try to assassinate the developers,but this one tries,and does a descent job.
Operation Flashpoint mainly takes place on the fictional islands of Everon and Malden,where NATO troops try to liberate these islands from the merciless commie hands of the Soviet Union.
You will play as different characters each with his own role.
A tank commander, a pilot, a soldier, black ops etc.
You will be in charge of a unit,meaning that you can order up to 12 soldiers in this tactical shooter.
Which bring me to the main core of this game...
A tactical shooter.You get shot,you might not be able to stand because of the injuries,get shot up to 3-4 times,depending on where you were shot,you die.
This means that you cant jump into a building,shoot 100 people with 10 bullets and survive,you have to plan,wait and kill as fast as possible.
While playing you will have an option to kill with many different weapons,from handguns to assault rifles to explosives to rocket launchers,grenades,snipers and many other accessories.
Also a wide option of vehicles will be available to you.
Jeeps,civilian cars,tanks,aircraft,boats,APCs,trucks etc.
The graphics...are horrible,but once you start killing enemies you wont care.
With the expansions,this game offers plenty hours of somewhat realistic warfare,and for a game,that is unique.