The Best War Sim To Date!

User Rating: 9.5 | Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis PC
Operation Flashpoint is easily one of my all time best and most memorable games, I have fond memories of countless hours trying to complete the campaign and the addition hours messing about in the mission editor, which is by far the best editor for a game I have ever used!

You start the story as Private Armstrong, an U.S forces, infantryman. The task is to defeat the Russian presence on several fictitious islands, the missions you play vary widely from mass infantry assaulting, night ops undercover missions, to air and land vehicle driving. Throughout this you take the perspective of several specialists through the military operation but Pvt Armstrong remains the primary protagonist. The missions themselves are fantastic and really make you feel like a solder in battle, diving into prone as an enemy BMP whirls past is a nervy and exhilarating moment, flying a AH1 attack helicopter to destroy enemy air units is also brilliant, because the way in which the helicopter is controlled is great and will never get old. Eventually after a period of time playing the campaign you will be able to assign order to you squad, i.e attack target, move, prone ect but calling out orders to your teammates is done using the num pad and very simple so it's a joy to use.

After the campaign you will want to check out the mission editor, now you can either use it to create vast detailed missions with thousands of objects and armies, complete with waypoints and triggers, or just mess about with it, using your own imagination, there is hardly a limit to it.

I know it's a little old now but, If you have any in war or military games – Definitely check this one out