good classic

User Rating: 8.9 | Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis PC
thsi is a cool game. rubbish graphics compared to todays standards, but it is still cool.
the whole aspect of "your a squad member, rather than an intire division by yourself" is actually really good as you play it for the first time and instantly die because to expect to be able to take loads of bullets but you cant, 2 shots from anything will bring you down and headshots do count. to counteract this you also get 2 shot kills and headshots.
but the weapons in this frankly are beautiful. they include almost EVERY weapon known in the cold war era (yes even nukes)

story is brilliant, better than some films that ive seen. you even get promoted in the game and given a squad to command. though this is complicated and even after ages of practise i still dont get it fully.

but this is all completely irrelavent. the senario editor is where its party piece is. with this you can pretty make anything you want, from and massed charge from the russians at you and your squad with nothing but a rifle and a few grenades each, to 3 hour long sniper missions where you have to get from pretty much one end of an island to another with everything on the way.
(this is not of my creation, someone else made that one)
and you have everything in the game at your finger tips. think of Garry's mod for HL2 and you pretty much got the basics.
i knocked up a short senario in about 30 minutes whereas people have made companies to make mods for OpF that take years developing a single senario.
the possiblilities are endless, literally.