Amazing upgrade for Flashpoint!

User Rating: 9 | Operation Flashpoint: Resistance PC

this upgrade is full of add-ons.
new vehicles, units, weapons, maps, mission editor is advanced, new missions, and a great campaign. This is a massive upgrade especially the new map!
Which includes new buildings, new areas. This time there is a short campaign but it can be completed in different ways which is not particularly exciting. This time u'll be an ordinary civilian until the soviets launch their attack. You quickly become a resistance leader and try to fight off the soviets. Some off the levels are very hard. You sometimes start with nothing and have to fight off tones of enemies. The new missions are quite fun, some of them are pilote mission, infiltration, assault...

With this upgrade the graphics are a bit better then usual. The detail, faces, environment... I think if u enjoyed FP then this is definitely a must.