Immersive to the point were you'll be taking cover more than your teamates, I often physically recoil when shot in it!

User Rating: 9 | Operation Flashpoint: Game of the Year Edition (Collector's Edition) PC
This was a game that I always wanted to play when it came out, I was raved to about it, I met someone who made the chopper noise for it, and I heard it was coming to PS2. I waited,.. and years later I acquired a pc, and jumped for joy when I saw it in the bairgain bin.
The graphics by todays standards are pretty poor, but still very functional and things don't look glitchy, just not as shiny as games they make these days.
The setting is a group of three Islands that are invaded by Russia during the cold war, cold war crisis, the original campaign; follows the efforts of the american army to liberate these lands, you play mostly as a grunt and through various missions you learn the mechanics of the game, such as issuing orders, crewing vehicles cooperatively, piloting helicopters. You also switch characters occasionaly, and play as special forces for a mission; but mostly you play as the one guy.
Red Hammer is the second campaign, and takes a look at the conflict from the point of view of the invading Russians.
Resistance the final expansion made for Flashpoint, also seems to be the hardest, Shows the struggle of the native population of Malden and the other islands and how the resistance formed out of the people to fight against the invader.
The Islands are huge and the gaming area incredibly expansive, you can give a really fast computer a work out if you turn up the view distance a lot.
AI is incredible, maybe not in your own guys that your ordering around as much as you'd like, but the enemy are truly formidable. I've always played as a cadet (easy as apposed to hard) and it is still a very demanding game, you die almost realistically quickly and don't expect your personal bodycount to be nearly as high as most other shooters, and those kills that you do make are all the more satisfying for that.
In fact in some missions I haven't earned a single kill, and the AI team I'm on has won the conflict without me letting off a shot, they will spot the enemy from farther and over a long distance they are a better than me, and my screens full HD.
Other times your entire team dies around you and your the only one to walk out, or crawl.
My only criticism could only be that it is maybe too realistic, to the point of being maddeningly difficult, and more often than not you become another casualty. This is also one of the games strong points if you look at it differently, and I usually do.
This game feels like a lot of veterans of various conflicts worked on it.
Truly great but wouldn't suit all tastes, leans towards the sim side of shooters. by: Damn