Just classic legendary game-Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis

User Rating: 10 | Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis PC
Operation Flashpoint:Cold War Crisis is tactical FPS and may not appeal to all players due to hard gameplay. Game-play is very detailed. One of the aspects is-realism. Firstly the in-game controls. Player will notice, that running, aiming is exclusive from most of the FPS. Another thing is tactical teamwork. While engaging enemy, teammates will send radio messages about the enemy. Example: 1 o'clock officer 200(meters). 8(soldier unit) target that BMP. Machine-gunner is history. And etc. Other important thing is damage. Only one bull is needed to kill. If player or AI will be hit in the legs he may not stand, if the player or AI will be hit in the stomach or head, he has a very little survival chance, but medic units will heal injured soldier. There are also bloody wounds on the game. Another game-play aspect is armory. There are many guns, soldier units and vehicles like: tanks, cars, planes, boats, that you can board. And the last game-play aspect is storyline. The story is about an American soldier in the cold war between NATO and Soviet union.

Realism will drag player inside the game. Player might feel adrenaline, get scared or nervous depending on situation.

From what I have seen, now I can say, this. Classic game-play beats modern graphics and physics. Most people would think I am saying this because my computer is old and can't run anything new. Well computer is superb. So the modern games like: CRYSIS, GRID are good, but not as good as old games. There are also exceptions when new games are good and for those new gamers the old ones are not.a