This is probably the best movie game I've ever played, but that's not saying much.

User Rating: 8 | Open Season PS2
Open Season was a decent game. The abilities you used were fun and inventive. You play as Boog (Martin Lawrence), a show bear who was released into the wild after breaking into a convenient store. He has no survival skills, and his one antlered deer friend Eliot (Ashton Kutcher) has to show him how to survive in the wild and avoid the hunter, Shaw. The game was way too short. I beat it the day after I rented it. The story line didn't really match the movie, which is actually a good thing for those who haven't seen it. The graphics are how they should be for this: mediocre, just like the graphics in the movie. But the most fun part of the game to me is throwing poor Eliot off of a cliff. Geronimo! Rent this game now. PLEASE do not buy this game. It is not worth any amount of money to buy. Open Season: Great movie, mediocre game.