Besides Water, The Only Thing Still Keeping Me Alive

User Rating: 10 | Open Season DS

I know it's a bit late to write my review but I feel the need to voice my opinion on this game. While this game is obscure, it's worth checking out. The Woohoo bar is a unique feature to this delight. It adds depth and emersion to the complex gameplay. The game tries to stay true to it's source material in this aspect. Without this feature I feel this game would be an absolute flop, like The Price is Right or Ice Age: The Meltdown. The way you can switch between the characters, Elliot and Baloo, adds a sense of fluidity and freedom. The immersive soundtrack, advanced visuals, and imaginative environments transported me into YellowStone Park. I simultatniously explored the worlds and my body. I was only 17-years-old. After playing this game I had truly become a man. It taught me so much about friendship, loyalty, and the bond between siblings. I love Brother Bear for the Nitendo DS.

It was my saving grace in my darkest times. My life was devoid of all meaning until I purchased the master piece that is Yogi Season for the DS. I was lost in the world. There was no god. But, in my time of need, Open Season had become my god.

Concidering the technological limitations of the time, the game had breath taking visuals and cut scenes. Leonardo di Caprio's preformance was amazing in the boss battle. The plot twist in the end where the bear turns out to be the red haired chick's mom was spectacular. Very unexpected. Woohoo.

In conclusion, Padington for the Nintendo DS, provided me with a truly life changing experience. Although I know many people may not understand my passion for this game, I believe it's my responsibility to do what I can in sharing with the world the truth of this masterpiece.