fun if you dont win extremely fun if you do

User Rating: 7 | Oops! Prank Party WII
Yo get up you playing a game on the wii and win and suddenly you have the choice of turning your dad into a girl in a dress. Whats more fun than that , well? OOPs is a change of game with stupid but addictive mini games that alone dont make even the young games blink and excited at. But add stupid outfits such as bikinis and raindeer outfits and bee stings and what do you get fun.

I wouldnt recommed getting it out to kick start a party but on newyrs eve when the part is in full swing then its worth a shot. So the game is easy to play as they are short and snappy such as pick a rope and hope you dont get hit. The makers of OOPS bring the games that made BUZZ junior famous to the Wii with a quirky style to make the hard core gamers smile after a few drinks at least and the younger games begg their parents to play.

Like most games the game isnt for loners without friends as it soon becomes increasly boring alone. As the computers players are hard even on easily and like to wind you up , so with a friend you can fight back and rule the game for a bit. So if you want a game to cheer people up with unexspected twists then give it ago but dont say i didnt warn you. If 2 minutes in your dressed as a clown covered in bee stings about to jump into a bath of chocolate.