ONRUSH Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Earn 10 Crashtags #Crashtag
    Play 10 COUNTDOWN Matches Another Consonant Please
    Earn 50 'HUNTER' Medals Burnt Out
    Personalise all 8 Classes Classy
    Reach player Level 30 Dizzy Heights
    Perform 1000 'NEAR ALLY' actions Driving Club
    Earn 50 'CHECKMATE!' Medals Eat DiRT
    Superstar - Max out your Superstar Rating ENTER YOUR INITIALS
    Personalise all 12 Characters Fashion Victim
    Reach player level 15 Formula 15
    Superstar - Win the Founders' Trophy Founder
    Collect 250 or more Gear Items Geared Up
    Perform a 'CRUSHED!' Takedown Ground Pound
    Feature in the player spotlight 10 times In the Spotlight
    Earn 100 Gold 'GAME TIME' Medals It's not an addiction, it's a lifestyle
    Introduce yourself to the fodder No Hard Feelings
    Play 10 LOCKDOWN Matches Not now chief, I'm in the Zone
    Reach player level 5 Off the GRID
    Obtain all trophies in ONRUSH™ ONRUSH
    Superstar - Start 'Origins' Origins
    Smash 5 Tombstones in a single match Paying your disrespects
    Rush for the first time Ready for the RUSH
    Superstar - Unlock 'Regeneration' Regeneration
    Superstar - Unlock 'Snowbound' Snowbound
    Play 10 OVERDRIVE Matches Stampede!
    Superstar - Unlock 'Starpower' Starpower
    Takedown an opponent! Stay on Target
    Superstar - Unlock 'Superstars' Superstars
    Earn 5 Ubertags Tag Evolution
    Superstar - Unlock 'Uprising' Uprising
    Play 10 SWITCH Matches We’re DRINKING, Karen!
    Use boost for the first time What does this button do?
    Perform a 'VOMIT COMET' action Which way is up?

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold