It has a few good qualities but ultimately left me unsatisfied and feeling like I had wasted my time.

User Rating: 4 | Only If PC

If you have a dark, twisted sense of humor or like mind altering drugs a lot you may enjoy Only If. Otherwise I can't recommend it.

The dialogue and story is what did this game in for me. Most of it is juvenile, profanity laden yelling and cryptic messages related to the game's puzzles. There are a few points where its obscurity gives the illusion of having depth. The ending, however, reveals a rotten core that could at best be called dark comedy and at worst empty, insulting and pointlessly obscene. Now, I can stomach indecent language and references (Game of Thrones comes to mind) so don't get the idea that I'm writing this negative review because the game offended me.

Compounding the problems the dialogue has are some terrible audio levels that had me constantly adjusting my volume and mediocre voice acting. There were several points where I had trouble understanding what was being said due to the music drowning out the voices or it simply wasn't spoken clearly by the actor. This is particularly bothersome when what's being spoken is important for figuring out a puzzle.

The puzzles were hit and miss. I did enjoy a few of them. Others were trial and error based or random enough to make solving them feel more like chance than anything clever that I did.

I was impressed with the visuals for a free game. It lacks depth in detail but still manages to be mostly pleasing to the eye. The music is also a plus.