This game is not very good at all to me. I just can't get into it.

User Rating: 5 | Onimusha Tactics GBA
Okay, Onimusha Tactics compared to a game like final fantasy tactics , final fantasy tactics is much better. The graphics are better, its longer, there is more to do in final fantasy and there is a more of a variety of things to do. I did not like this game at all i spent 30 dollars on this for christmas and it was a major dissappointment. I liked all of the other onimusha games for the ps2 but this is knowhere as good as the others.

This game can get very hard at certain points in the game. if your not prepared then you'll get your butt whooped. I am warning you. Its not as hard as like Mega Man zero games but its still pretty hard. Its also got a bad story and bad sound effects. Whenever you choose a person to move it makes this annoying sound that irritates you. i couldn't stand it. i barely even finished the game because it was so boring and hard.