Kill monsters and save the world, yup good day to be a samurai.

User Rating: 8 | Onimusha 2 PS2
Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny is the second installment of the series, its one of those rare games that has certain elements to actually make a good game atleast better then most. The thing that really stands out about the game is the survival horror elements of it that for its time is done really well, the other good thing about it is it has some rpg elements in it that would please rpg fans and anything above all else it has some good old hack and slash gameplay that tops it off.

The story is pretty good even for new comers like me who played it and didn't really know what is going on could follow it easily, one of good things about the game is how much fun and how many hours you can get out of it which for me was pretty much over 30-40 if you play it casual. This a pretty underrated game its one of those games you never hear about but once you play it you are at a awe, think about it as a foreign cult classic movie.

Gameplay- is a pretty straight forward hack and slash god of war comes to mind except with swords and other various weapons.

Story -is pretty decent aswell at the end of the journey its hard not to feel sastisfied by it.

Replay value- once you go through it once you are at a awe, its like the same feeling I felt about transformers that was a good movie but not so good if you watch it all the time, but if I stop watching the movie for 2-3 months and go watch it again all the feeling that I did have for it when I first watched it will come right back.

Overall- Even though it has some flaws,If you are still able to play the game by all means play it its one of those rare games where you hear little about and when you play it, you are stunned just because of how good it is and how little it is appreciated.