onimusha 2 rocks! A great sequel!

User Rating: 9 | Onimusha 2 PS2
This game is totally worth owning! I have'nt had it for a while, so I have'nt put that many hours into it, but enough time to write a review! The gameplay is similar to dino crisis on the PS1 but in ways it's different. Cool new weapons! The same thunder sword. But a new ice staff! And some other cool weapons, but I don't want to do any spoilers! What the heck am I talking about? This game has been around for about eight years! But still, some of you don't have it yet! I really want to get demon siege! (It shows it on the left) I have'nt known about onimusha for a while, but when my friend got into it, I happened to like it too! I suggest you buy the first onimusha first, because, well... it's the first one!
So I'm telling you, this game is really fun!
So if you're into bloody action, adventure video games, this should be one of your "top games" on your list!