Going Deep Inside the Bikini Zombie Slayers

User Rating: 8 | Oneechanbara Revolution WII
I've written about this game elsewhere and have been participating in the discussion taking place within the game's associated forums, but I feel compelled to do a little, reader review. It's not at all surprising to see the game receive less-than-stellar reviews from professional sites. It's definitely a low-budget production, and it speaks to gamers' basest urges. That said, the fact of the matter is the Wii version of Onechanbara is undeniably fun. And there's just no getting around that.

When I was first faced with the prospect of having to play a game that featured full-on waggle combat, I was none too enthusiastic. I've played other games that attempted that -- Soul Calibur Legends for one -- and none of them were fun or satisfying. So, I was greatly surprised when I started playing Bikini Zombie Slayers.

There are two main components that make Onechanbara successful in my eyes. One, the feedback you receive when attacking enemies. Rather than hearing a swooshing sound when waving your sword, you instead get a hard-hitting, slashing sound whenever your weapon impacts with an enemy. A slight difference perhaps, but it greatly affects the level of satisfaction you get out of the game's combat.

The most important element, however -- that which makes the combat here enjoyable -- is that you don't have to swing the Wii Remote with great force. Basic combos are performed by simple up-and-down gestures, and when matched with the forced feedback coming from the controller, it makes for combat that's so incredibly satisfying on a visceral level.

The Nunchuk, too, plays into combat (aside from the obvious character movement with the analog stick), but it's simple and makes sense. If enemies guard, you can shake the Nunchuk to kick, which will break them out of their stance and then allow you to complete your combo. It's also used for Saki (one of the four playable characters) to perform her Beat Mode techniques, which are amazingly fun to pull off and watch.

Here's the thing, though -- Onechanbara doesn't do much outside of offering mindless hack-n-slash. But it doesn't really have to, either. The game is modeled after arcade action games of the past, and to that end, it really is a wonderful diversion. You're not going to get even a decent story from the game; there are only a couple of bosses, and they're very easy; there are no puzzles, no platforming...it's just straight-up zombie killing.

Here's the other thing, though -- it's so damn fun! It's sexy, it's stupid, and it's almost everything you want when what you want is instant gratification. It's also a pretty fat package, with four separate story modes; a survival mode and free play; cooperative, split-screen multiplayer; and tons of quests and unlockables.

Don't let others decide for you if you're contemplating getting this game. For $30, you get what you pay for. It's a good value if you're in the mood for shameless exploits, but no, it's not Devil May Cry. It's an arcade game for Wii, and so long as you don't attach high expectations to it, you should have a great time with the game.